From 2021, the Telegram service will begin to monetize, offering new paid functions “for business teams and users with advanced needs,” announced the creator of the messenger Pavel Durov. For ordinary users, the messenger and link free credit rm3 will remain free, he promised.

He explained that Telegram’s audience has approached 500 million active users, the company’s server and traffic costs are growing, we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

He recalled that most of the time he paid Telegram bills from personal savings: “But at the current rate of growth, Telegram is on its way to billions of active users – and the corresponding costs.”
Telegram’s massive, one-to-many public channels can reach millions of subscribers and have little to do with traditional messaging. which they publish look like ordinary messages and are often intrusive, “Durov said.” In this regard, we will offer our own advertising platform for channels, which will provide users with comfort and privacy, and will allow us to cover the costs of servers and traffic. “

Personal and group chats will remain ad-free, the businessman promised.

According to him, if popular public channels are monetized through an advertising platform, the owners of these channels will receive free traffic in proportion to their coverage. If some artists offer paid stickers with advanced features, they will also “receive a portion of the income,” Durov continued. The company wants to see content creators and entrepreneurs on Telegram “thrive, enriching all of our users through better service.”

Durov assured that he was not going to sell Telegram so that the service would retain its independence.