You can find out how to make and set up advertising about telegram onlyfans in classmates by clicking on the “Advertising” tab at the bottom of your social network profile page. After the transition, familiarize yourself with the types of advertising, its cost, placement options, audience segments, and then go directly to the setting by clicking the MyTarget button. Among other things, you will need to choose the format and position of the ad. Possible options:

all pages, right;
event Ribbon;
messages and discussions, right.
The social network itself claims that the most effective position for advertising in classmates is in the feed.

banner advertising
It is important that advertisements can be seen not only by users of classmates themselves, but also by visitors to all sites that are part of, including VKontakte. Banners (advertising banners) are placed on such sites from Mail as Auto, Lady, Sports, Weather. The network itself positions advertisements as:

non-standard (for example, integration into games).

contextual advertising
Contextual or targeted advertising in Odnoklassniki is a type of ad that, when created and configured, specifies the parameters of the target audience. These parameters include region of residence, gender, age, income, interests, and so on. In this network, it is critical to know your audience well and pay careful attention to the choice of parameters, since only ad impressions are paid. Therefore, if you make a mistake in the settings, you risk showing ads to people who are not interested in your product or service.