In the next update, WhatsApp has pleased its users with the expanded ability to send files – now in the messenger you can share with each other almost any file, regardless of their format.

The developers of WhatsApp have expanded the functionality of the messenger for transferring files to almost the maximum, bringing its resemblance to a full-fledged file hosting service.

Note that earlier WhatsApp only supported the transfer of photos, videos and documents in several popular formats, which were not enough for full communication and information exchange. Users, faced with such a limitation, had to use other services, which was not entirely comfortable and took a fair amount of time.

The developers took into account all the wishes of their billion-dollar army of users and removed the restrictions on file transfer. As noted, now users can even exchange APK files without worrying about the security of their devices – the restrictions were not only removed, the messenger specialists have improved the functionality of the modules and increased protection against malicious files.

The only remaining limitation that can be noted is the size of the transferred files – the developers have limited the size of the attached attachments, which should not exceed 100 MB.

In addition, the creators of the service have worked on the usability of the application and changed the interface for transferring multiple files for the better – now all photos and videos that the user shares with friends and family will be displayed on the screen as a collage, which naturally increases the convenience of interacting with investments.

The update is being selectively distributed and is already available in most countries.