The developers of the popular messenger WhatsApp have announced colored statuses. Now users of the application can use a variety of fonts and background colors to decorate their statuses according to their mood and various events in their lives.

Previously, your status in the messenger could be issued only in the form of a photo or a short video.

Self-destructing multimedia statuses in the form of photos or short videos, supplemented with text or stickers, appeared on WhatsApp in February of this year and immediately became popular.

A similar opportunity, first appeared in the Snapchat messenger, was then copied by the developers of Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook.

Despite the fact that many are annoyed by color statuses, WhatsApp decided to implement this idea in its application. The company is convinced that this increases user engagement.

If you are planning to have a party or are going on vacation, and want to tell your friends and family about it, you don’t need to search for words anymore. Just use your personal statuses and each user from your contact list will know about the event.

Users will now be able to set the size and style of the font, as well as select the most appropriate background color. The same developers allowed users to use active links to web resources in statuses.

So far, the new feature has appeared only for some users, but it will soon become generally available.

It is worth noting that Facebook began testing color statuses at the end of last year, and they became available to all users of the social network in March this year.